We at Muskan have pledged to always keep our children’s needs first.

  • The only school in Mumbai providing services to children with MDVI.
  • We follow a Multidisciplinary approach and work along with the therapists, to develop the program for the child
  • We provide a Holistic support to children and their parents
  • We have trained staff in MDVI using the latest techniques and strategies.
  • Cost effective education and therapy
  • Comprehensive services all under one roof


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An Individualized Education Program (IEP) is a written statement of the educational program designed to meet a child’s individual needs. Every child who receives special education services must have an IEP as per his/her individual needs, style of learning, grasping capacity.The IEP has two general purposes: (1) to establish measurable annual goals for the child; and (2) to state the special education and related services and supplementary aids and services that the public agency will provide to, or on behalf of, the child. When constructing an appropriate educational program for a child with a disability, the IEP team broadly considers the child’s involvement and participation in various areas. Below mentioned are the areas covered in an IEP of a child:
  1. Fine Motor
  2. Gross Motor
  3. Communication/ Language Skills
  4. Concept development/cognition
  5. Academics
    1. Reading
    2. Writing
    3. Arithmetic
  6. Socialization
  7. Orientation and Mobility
  8. Spatial awareness
  9. Sensory Awareness
  10. Pre vocation
  11. Vocation
Since Muskan Foundation has children with multiple disabilities, the IEPs made are very specific to the utmost/immediate needs of the child. For instance, we work on the child’s gross motor, fine motor, sensory issues, and communication first before we move on to hard core academics. In short we look at what is best for the child after discussing the same with the family, therapists, teachers etc.


All our special educators have completed a course in at least one of the fields of disabilities (Visual impairment/ Learning Disability/ Deafblindness/ Mental Retardation) from reputed institutions like Helen Keller’s Institute for the deaf &deafblind, National Association for the Blind, SNDT Department of Special Education.They all hold the Rehabilitation Council of India license to work with children with Disabilities.


  1. The Road Less Travelled By Jennifer Pinheiro

    Being the mother of a special child has given me a totally different perspective of life. Nothing happens by chance. Whatever happens is a plan by the Almighty. He chooses each one of us for a specific task. And if we, parents and teachers, look at our lives; we will know for sure that there definitely must be something in us- some quality to have been chosen as guardians for our little angels; to walk on a path less travelled. We are indeed fortunate and blessed! The joy and happiness that one experiences in the company of a special child is something incomprehensible and words seem so small and shallow to explain that special deep feeling.My daughter Kirochka does not speak but is able to communicate exactly how she feels. She loves her school ‘Muskan’ and looks forward to being brought to school. She loves and adores her teacher, Rajashree. When I speak to her about school she has that very special look in her eyes. And those twinkling eyes and beautiful smile convey so much more than mere words. This is a home away from home where she feels secure, loved and above all respected. There are positive vibes emitted at this place. No child is treated differently. The teachers actually look forward to seeing their “Bacchus” each morning and this is a ‘feel- good’ factor for both children and parents. There is genuine concern shown towards each child by the teachers with one common goal of helping our kids get better each day.

    It is not only the child’s well being but also that of the parents that is being taken care of at Muskan; namely in the form of counseling. These sessions help each one of us unload the heaviness in our hearts. Our fears and insecurities are shared with a person who listens patiently and objectively and boosts our frail egos and self confidence with her soft spoken words. It is only a positive attitude to life that can help us see our special angels as precious gifts from God. The joy that you experience with every little achievement of theirs is so profound. I am sure both parents and teachers will agree that their unconditional love is priceless and can never be exchanged for anything else in this world. Many are called but few are chosen and we are chosen to experience the true meaning and beauty of life with them. Cheers! I am proud to be Kirochka’s mom.

  2. By Alpana Jha

    The word ‘Medicine’ automatically makes one think of cures for all ailments but for my son Mihir aged 8 years certain medications administered at 8 months of age resulted in cortical blindness. Till the age of 5, Mihir attended a normal school and was not given any therapy. It was only after meeting Dr. ShekharPatil and getting an MRI done that we learnt about Muskan and vision therapy. In the past three years that Mihir is a student here at Muskan, I have seen in him a tremendous improvement. He walks independently with confidence, identifies objects, people and numbers, performs his daily activities that earlier were impossible for him to do and to top it all has now started writing as his fine motor skills have also improved. It is a pleasure to hear him speak each day about his teachers and friends at school, what he did, what he learnt. Today Mihir does not need my constant help and sight to see the world and accomplish routine tasks. He goes right ahead and lives everyday life.Thanks to the untiring efforts and sincere dedication of the teachers and therapists at Muskan, without whom Mihir would not have been able to do any of the above.

  3. By Archana Karandiker

    I had visited Muskan Foundation for Children with Multiple Disabilities with the sole purpose of securing a pass for the Standard Chartered 2013 – Dream Run (7 Km). Initially I had decided on donating the required minimum 6000 /- but during my visit there I was touched by the one-to-one teaching and dedication of the teachers and caregivers (trained professionals) and, I decided on doing a full 10k donation. All the special educators were attentive and aware of each child’s needs. I was touched by their selfless love and patience. I was also impressed by the improvements in the students and their positive responses.

    When I was explained about the personal history (single parent – usually the mother) of some of the current students and their financial status and how it is difficult for some student to even pay the monthly Rs 2000 tuition (a subsidized fee compared to other NGOs who work in a similar area) I decided to start helping out one of many such students ( picked out by the organization) by paying his monthly tuition fee so that he/she receives the much needed one-on-one treatment/therapy to grow into an independent and self-reliant differently-abled adult. By doing this I am getting the satisfaction of being able to make a positive difference in a person’s life who is a part of India’s future.

  4. Success story of Hiba Rakhange

    Ek choti si Natkhat ladki came to Muskan in 2010. In her first glance itself, you will say she should have been a heroine only! What style and what Nakhre! And today also, she is our heroine in Muskan, just a little more groomed! Hiba Rakhange was born as a twin child to her parents, but due to hypoxic damage to the brain, she suffered a great loss to her vision, and also was identified to have moderate MR with autistic features. Hiba came to Muskan when she was just 6 years old.

    Her vision loss was very peculiar, and she only has a circular visual field in the upper quadrant of her eye, with a very small visual acuity. Hence she has a tendency to take every object very close to her eye to identify it. So her teachers make appropriate teaching aids for her, which have helped in developing her cognitive abilities. She is a very keen visual learner and currently she can read 3 letter words with ease. Also, with the hand over hand technique, she has started writing alphabets, but her grips are still being worked upon. We try our best to make her use her vision, as much as possible.

    As one of the common features in autism, Hiba had problems understanding emotions. But today, she knows how to make a cute little puppy face, if her teacher is angry with her! What is most important to remember while working with special children, is that we do not need to fix every habit of theirs, just adjust our teaching methods according to their needs. Our Hiba, for example, likes to couple her studies with some activity. So sometimes, we take her Math tables while on the slide, or spellings, while also playing with marbles.Hiba’s family has also been very supportive throughout her journey with us. I can just think of one thing to say for her, ki Hiba ki Muskan, MUSKAN mein chaar chand laga deti hai. Knowingly or unknowingly, Hiba has already learnt the perfect 2 words to say to this world everyday. As soon as she comes to our school, all she says is…”Hibaaa readyyyyy”…

  5. Success story of Rebecca Mathias

    A beautiful princess waiting to be groomed, a little bird wanting to stretch her wings and fly or just an innocent child whose potential is yet to be honed. This is the thought that came to the mind of Mrs. Dipti Gandhi, the day Rebecca Mathias walked through the doors of Muskan. Rebecca, or our darling “Becky”, as we like to call her, came to Muskan in 2008, when she was just 5 years old. She presented with complete loss of vision due to Retinopathy of Prematurity, developmental delayed milestones & autistic features. As any child in the beginning is a little hesitant around new people, Becky too took some time to get used to her new environment. When she came to us initially, she had severe equiny, and feared to put her foot down to walk. Her then teacher, Sushma Joshi, worked very hard with her sensory development, by giving her several tactile stimulations, and slowly Becky started responding, and started to walk normally. Today she moves around with absolutely no fear.There is not 1 day in school that goes by, when Becky does not want to learn! Her favorites today are “Spellings” & “Braille”!! She is also doing remarkably well in her mathematics. Believe it or not, she can recite the tables up to 20 without any mistake!! Even I use a calculator after 13!!

    One of the other big achievements is that even though she does not see the happiness or anger on our faces, she has started to recognize emotions. She knows when her teacher is scolding her, or when she is being loved. Socially also, Becky has grown up to be a very friendly child, who likes to share & play with all her classmates.A huge credit also goes to her nanna, her mother, father & her sister Naomi, for being a very strong support. They have made sure that she attends her school on time & also revises her studies at home, which is very important in any child’s growth. Today, Becky is one of every teachers favorite student in our school, and we hope to continue to enhance her abilities, and groom her into a wonderful human being. Becky’s success will always continue to be our inspiration & motivation, to keep walking on this path, and helping every differently abled child to live independent, confident & happy lives.

  6. Success story of Shubham Maheshwari

    Shubham Maheshwari is Muskan’s “miracle boy”. He came to us at a young age of 5 yrs, almost in a vegetative state. He could not sit or eat without support. But today, he is one of most notorious kids in class, who walks around the school by himself and whose laughter is just contagious. Shubham was born with low vision and hypotonic cerebral palsy. He has delayed development milestones including speech, and also has a low IQ level.Muskan & his parents did not give up hope to try. Both his parents have been extremely supportive and have torn worlds apart to give their child every therapy he needs, let that be physio, occupational, speech, sensory or vision therapy. But they also wanted their child to attend a school & learn & grow up with other kids, and hence brought him here.We began working with Shubham by giving him sensory integrations & activities to develop his muscle tone. He also started with vision therapy here at the centre. He has shown tremendous progress in his gross & fine motor skills.Shubham has not developed his speech as yet, but he has very good receptive communication, and is expressive by pointing and gestures. He can now identify more than 15 fruits & vegetables and can count all the way up to 15.Shubham’s story cannot be complete without the mention of his best friend at school, 9 yr old Mihir. The one thing that they both love is jumping on the trampoline together. They also sometimes share their tiffin, if one has bought something the other one likes very much.

    Shubham is indeed an example of hope and patience and success. But we all know, we have just begun this journey, and we yet have several more milestones to achieve.

  7. Will my child ever be able to see me…?

    MAY 22, 2010

    Hi. I am Sheetal Mehta. In December 2007, I conceived triplets and I was on cloud nine! I had problems initially and so was put on complete bed rest. In May 2008, on completion of 28 weeks, I was hospitalized and on 24th May 2008 I delivered three boys. They had to be admitted to the NICU at Surya Hospital because of prematurity, low birth weight and infection. I lost two of my babies in a span of four days and the little angel who survived had to be kept for 65 days in the NICU.

    He had low blood count and reducing platelets which resulted in many blood transfusions. He slowly and gradually walked on the path of recovery. We named him ‘Jash’ – which means success for he indeed had succeeded in bringing happiness and completeness to our family. He was kept on life saving systems (ventilator) for 12 days and supplied with oxygen for the next 15 days which resulted in Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP). He was given laser treatment five to six times in both his eyes and Macugen injection too while he was still in the NICU. His left eye responded well to the treatment but nothing could be done to stop the detachment of the retina of the right eye. He came home in August 2008.

    His right eye was operated in November 2008 which has helped him to have partial vision in that eye. I panicked because he was a premature baby with low immunity and utmost care had to be taken and to add to this he also had low vision. That is when we heard about Muskan foundation for people with multiple disabilities and did waste a minute. We contacted them immediately.

    Dr. Dipti Gandhi the founder trustee of Muskan foundation as well as the vision rehabilitation specialist suggested us that we try the vision rehabilitation programme. According to her with the help of therapy Jash would be able to lead a normal life and be completely independent. She gave us a ray of hope.

    We did not know what activities had to be conducted at home for Jash and Dipti ma’am guided us well. The therapy was very useful as we could see the change in Jash. He started observing things, responded to our facial expressions and could also see up to a certain distance. Muskan started an Shardaben Shah ,Early Intervention Programme in July, 2009 that has activities for the overall development of special children. I enrolled Jash so that his gross motor and other sensory skills could be developed.

    This programme too has helped him tremendously. He can now differentiate between small and big objects and also identify colours like red and blue which are his favorites too. There were days when I used to wonder whether my child would ever see his mom. But now when I see him look at me and smile … I cannot express in words what I feel.

    Jash is now , six years old. He is studying in a school ,doing very well academically. Initially I had to sit in the class to assist him. As a proud mother I would like to share that, he would answer questions asked by the teacher that others would not be able to answer. He has certain limitations like copying from the board, colouring within the figure, but the bigger pictures shows that he is independent and a well integrated individual in the society.

    The entire credit for this miracle goes to the wonderful team of Muskan Foundation for People with multiple disabilities. They are helpful and have tremendous patience. I am very positive that my son will be able to lead a normal life .I have to say thanks to the whole team of Muskan Foundation for People with Multiple Disabilities. I would recommend the vision rehabilitation programme to children with organic visual impairment.

    Also the early intervention programme to all mother who have children with any kind of disabilities. It fills up the lacunas that are created by the disabilities. My Jash benefited, I wish good luck to all other mothers and their children.

    Great work guys! A very big Thank You! God Bless You All
  8. Jatin Mohite

    atin is 4 and half years old. Peering at the world through his glasses, he is an embodiment of energy and life. Jatin has visual impairment along with autistic features and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder). He exhibited several distinct characteristics that needed to be addressed through vision, occupational and physio therapies along with special e d u c a t i o n . . When Jatin joined, he lacked basic concepts, had socio-communication, fine motor issues. His attention span was limited. He has shown tremendous progress post the interventional services that we have provided him with. . Jatin is now able to hold basic meaningful conversation. He has learnt basic concepts like colors, shapes, environmental concepts like birds, animals, fruits, vegetables, community helpers, public places etc. His intellectual functioning and fine motor skills have improved to a great extent. We look forward to see him achieve more milestones.




    Muskan celebrated its 6th Annual Day function in full style, on the 15th of February 2014. It was indeed a huge success, and everyone had a gala time. To grace the occasion, we had with us the chairman & chief mentor of GENCOVAL group, Mr. Deepak Ghaisas, as our chief guest, & representing the Global CSR head of TATA Consultancy Services, Mr. Anthony Lobo, as our guest of Honor. Celebrating the spirit of Indianess, our theme this year was “Festivals”, and we sure did absolute justice to it. Holi ho ya Diwali, Eidhoya Christmas, Ganesh Chaturthi ho yaDurgaPooja, the students of Muskan showcased their talents in every aspect. If our students were so enthusiastic, hamariMuskanki teachers bhi koi kamnahi the!! They also danced and sang and enjoyed to the fullest. It would be wrong on my part, if I forgot to mention the efforts put in by our parents as well, to make this event such a huge success. Our parents also shared their experience with Muskan, and the need for right intervention. It was indeed a heart touching speech. The grand finale was done by a fashion show, showcasing all the festivals. All in all, everybody had a great Saturday, and went back home with some unforgettable memories.


    which means, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”… was the title of Muskan 9th Annual Day function, celebrated on 6th February 2016.. The theme this year was “Emotions”. Children, parents and teachers put up wonderful performances portraying emotions, which were enjoyed and appreciated by everyone present…


    Muskan got Yazooooedddddd!!!

    Muskan foundation, with its Special children, visited Yazoo Park in Virar, on the 7th of March 2014, to enjoy their School Picnic. It was indeed a memorable one. Right from the journey in the bus, we had started to do full masti! We reached there around 11, and firstly had some garmagaramidli&dosas for breakfast. Once everyone was re-energized, we first went to the kids play zone. I wonder what was not there!! Slides, swings, See-Saw, a small merry-go-round and loads of more rides, whose even names I might not know!! Everyone just started enjoying, including the parents and our teachers. We all then went onboard the Yazoo Express, to take a tour of the entire park. This was followed by a Magic show for our kids, which was super fun!! Famished as we were again, we had a delicious lunch. But the fun was not yet over. We then hit the rides for the parents and teachers, with the giant wheel, free fall & Bumper cars. Time was indeed running out that day. And we wish we could have spent another day right there!! Indeed, what a way to spend a Friday!Special thanks, from all our kids, to Chrome Pictures, who sponsored our trip and made these memories possible.

    We all love a good outing, and so do our children. So, on 27th February, all our teachers, children and parents went out for a picnic to Yazoo Park at Virar.  This is a great way for our children to not just enjoy but also to communicate and socialise with their friends at at school as well as other children from different schools. This kind of an outing provides a lot of good exposure to our children and they learn new things about their surroundings and the world…!!!


    Sports Day was celebrated on 8th January 2016. Sports is an integral part of every child’s school life experience. Not only does it help with their physical development, but it also instils a feeling of competitiveness and performing well in children. While practising, the teachers motivate and encourage the children to perform independently which helps in boosting up their self-confidence.


    The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance – Nathaniel Branden

    What is Multiple Disability? What are its causes? How can we prevent this? What are the challenges faced by a multi-disabled individual? How can I help a person in need? These are few of the questions answered by our Awareness initiative – Looking through the Glasses of Empathy

    We do these drives at School, College, Corporate & General Public levels. We do these drives to celebrate the Special Days dedicated to our cause such as Helen Keller’s Day, World Disability Day, World White Cane Day etc.

    If you would like to organize an awareness drive in your Corporate/ School/ College, Contact us at contact@muskanfoundation.org.in


    Every child has the right to know how it feels to go to a market, a mall, a temple or any regular place. So why should our Special kids be left behind?Besides, there is no better learning than incidental learning. So far, we have taken our Muskan children to

    • The market to shop
    • A temple and a church
    • A police station
    • A hospital
    • A park/garden
    • A bus stop
    • The zoo
    • We celebrate Holi, in our school premises, with edible colors.
    • For RakshaBandhan, we take our children to a regular school, and celebrate this festival, along with spreading awareness and integrating them at the same time. Also kids are taught to make their own rakhi’s!
    • Diwali is celebrated in great pomp and show, with a Diwali party, with some great music, food and games. Our children also make Diya’s and Rangoli’s.
    • Eid-ul-Fitr is celebrated by the making of “Sevaiyaan”.
    • The importance of republic &independence day is taught to our children as well.
    • Santa brings some great gifts for our children on Christmas!